Should you put your phone in rice if you have dropped it in water ??

Why Putting Your Phone in Rice to Remove Water is a Bad Idea

Our phones are essential to our everyday activities. They help us connect with people, and aid us with our work. Due to their importance, we take precautions to ensure that our phones stay safe and damage free. Our phones can get damaged on rainy days or from falling into a pool or bathroom sink. 

Water can often cause corrosion to the phone's internal circuits especially if the phone is on when the water enters. People often find misleading information on the internet regarding mobile phone repair. Some people suggest that you should place your phone in rice to fix the issue of water inside your phone. This will not help, and may actually make things worse for your phone.

People believe that rice will absorb the water from your phone. This isn't the case. This is because the water that's causing the damage is inside the phone. If the water is outside it will not damage or corrode the circuits. But once it gets inside it can cause a lot of damage and the rice can't get to the water to absorb it. What's even worse is that small particles of rice can enter your phone through the headphone jack and the charger port. This can cause even more complications in the circuits along with the already present corrosion from the water. Small pieces of rice can clog up the headphone jack or charging port which makes it difficult to plug things in. Even if your phone works after taking it out of the rice, it was just a coincidence. Some times the water hasn't caused enough damage to the phone to completely destroy it, but corrosion still happens. 

Water will damage the solder joints in the phone. If the phone turns on you may think that the phone is fixed, but there is still internal damage going on. There are trace elements in water such as Zinc, Iron, and copper which all conduct electricity. These things can cause interference in the phone and will slowly cause more damage in the phone without you realising it. Also the phones circuits and resistors also need cleaning and repairing with proper equipment. Frequently parts important to the smooth operating of the phone will fail and need replacing. Rice cannot repair all of these internal damages.

If your phone falls in water or gets water inside of it, the first thing you must do is turn it off if it hasn't turned off by itself already. Although corrosion is instant, you can prevent further corrosion by turning off the power. By doing so you prevent the electricity from further interaction with the water and causing high currents which can damage the circuits further. No matter what, do not turn your phone on or try to charge it while there is water inside. Next you should open your phone cover to try and get the water out. After this, you still shouldn't turn your phone on, even if the water seems to be all gone because the trace elements from the water will still be present. So if rice doesn't work, and I cannot get those trace elements out since they are microscopic, what can I do to fix my phone? What you should do is take it to a mobile phone repair professional. They can open the phone up and look for corrosion in the circuits. They can stop further damage in those circuits, and even repair them for you. Even if the phone won't turn on again they can still find ways to fix it too. 

Relying on the rice isn't a good plan for these reasons. It cannot absorb the water on the inside of your phone, it can get stuck inside, and it will not remove the trace elements that stay behind even after the water dries. Do not charge your phone or turn it on when there is water still in it because that will cause permanent damage. Your safest bet is to go to a trusted technician who can identify the specific damage that has taken place in your phone. Even if your phone turns on again, there may be damage within it that can cause the phone to break down over time. So the safe bet is to go to a technician either way just to be sure that your phone is safe.